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Bad_Fakes... because you're not fooling anyone with that goachie!
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16th-Oct-2006 10:48 pm - Target and DB - Pics
"J" for Jo!
I forgot that when I was in Target yesterday, I took a couple pics of the bags on my cell phone. They are behind the cut.Read more...Collapse )
The one on the left I think was going for $189.99. Crazy!
16th-Oct-2006 08:35 pm - Target and D&B
"J" for Jo!
I saw yesterday that Target is now selling D&B! What is up with that? How do you know if they are "real" or not? I just think it seems so weird.

(X-posted just about everywhere!)
6th-Apr-2006 10:51 am - Oh gross
Beautiful Mark
And look how much they're going for.

Stars 'Bag'

Large Roll
7th-Feb-2006 12:05 pm - I need some laughs for the day!
This seller claims they only sell AUTHENTIC designer items. Bzzzzt! WRONG!

"This gorgeous bag boasts all the qualities expected of a genuine authentic Louis Vuitton bag." Notice the weasel wording on this.

This has 18 bids! What are people thinking?

One hot mess. Seriously, this is what it would look like if I tried to copy the Coach logo. : )

9th-Dec-2005 11:38 am - It's been too quiet in here!
I don't know what this is supposed to be...except truly hideous.

This isn't much better. AND THERE ARE 11 BIDS!

Can you believe this has 38 bids?

22nd-Nov-2005 10:35 am - On another note...
Did you know that Gucci now makes Chanel bags? Especially really ugly bags? And Dior bags too? Neither did I.

(I'm guessing this is a stolen Ebay ID, too.)
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